Electro Luminescentfield Intuitive Signals for Aeronautique

United-States-iconELISA is the acronym given to the conversion program of airstrip surfaces and any relevant equipment to ILS ground-air system.


The main function of the device is the optimal expansion of critical limits flights in bad weather condition.
Then, the human-machine interface C18 coupled with a multifactorial detection system generates an intuitive signage dedicated to the refinement of flight decisions close to the ground.


Moreover, and by way of non-limiting example of complexity of the objectives targeted by C18 rotarywing devices program, a cruise ship could self-ordinate visual guidance decking view from its outer hull structure, depending on its relative movement of the aircraft, position of the boat and the weather influence.


The secondary function of the program in short-term is all MCO optimizing for controlled airspace.
The development of a range of equipment connected to C18 is a sum of ground-ground contribution whose operation is beneficial to flight safety.

French-iconELISA est l’acronyme donné au programme de convertion des surfaces de piste d’atterrissage et tout equipement pertinent, en systeme ILS sol-air.
La fonction principale du dispositif est l’élargissement optimal des limites critiques des vols par mauvaise condition météorologique.
Dans cette optique, l’interface homme-machine C18 couplé à un système de détection plurifactoriel génère une signalisation intuitive, dédiée à l’affinement des décisions de pilotage proche du sol.


Ainsi, et à titre d’exemple non limitatif de la complexité des objectifs militaires visés par les dispositifs C18 appartenant au programme pour voilure tournante, un navire en croisière pourrait auto-coordonner un guidage visuel d’appontage afficher depuis sa structure de coque externe, en fonction de son déplacement rélatif, celui de l’aéronef ainsi que de l’influence météo.


La fonction secondaire du programme est la conception à court terme, d’applications optimisant le maintien en condition opérationnelle de la circulation aérienne controlé.
La mise au point d’un assortiment d’equipement connecté à C18 est une somme de contribution sol-sol dont l’exploitation est profitable à la sécurité des vols.

Significant milestone
Story of elisa llc company

September 2001. The Prince of Dubai legacy.


July,14 2011. Civilian world’s first flight test certification
ELISA demonstrators pass with success the night flight qualification.


February 2012. Military world’s flight test certification
Air force have been done a night flight operation theater.


August 3, 2012. FAA’s first meeting in Washington DC
The ELISA program is appear to the United states administration.


August 22, 2012. Eurocopter head’s introducing
The personal safety devices and ELISA protocol interesting Eurocopter.


Septembre 29, 2012. Seminar of the DGA in ADS show Europe
In Bordeaux, ELISA crew learn the national state required for the Nicolas Sarkozi’s government funding.


October the 1st, 2012. Thales MCO Awards appeal the ELISA program
Finalist of the one-shot contest organised by Thales engineering.


October 9, 2012. DGA file legal statement
Receipt of state funding application by P.Dussans, DGA officer of French government.


April 5, 2013. Quebec airport’s first study
The challenge of a visionary.


Septembre 4, 2014. First contact by Safran
Aircelle send to ELISA a request about aviation apps. Olivier Bonmartel, sale office check skills and property from ELISA.


October, 7.2014. Specs and photometer tests of electroluminescent.
After lot of call conf and mails, ELISA provide to Safran technical information to achieve they current project.


December 5, 2014.  Legal statement
Law office of Antoine Cheron contact Aircelle to concluded an agreement before transmission of any further information from ELISA. ELISA print a sample ready to fly for night qualification.


June 21, 2015. Safran first flight.
The original protocol from ELISA is proudly tested on A380 in Paris Airshow. No communication is linked back to ELISA yet.


Today. We launch a kickstarter around C18 and we plan to met Airbus/Google late 2017. Questions are still pending:
– When does the french government will unlocked any funding ?
– Why Aircelle have been selected an imported electroluminescent materiel rather than a patented?
– What kind of framework will be constitute to deploy the technology?
– Does Safran will recognized ELISA through their campaign ?
This is all points that our lawyer will investigated this year.


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