Background and program projectives

ELISA is the acronym given to the marketing program and experimental development of artificial intelligence integration on the surface of physical substrats to create as a human-machine interface.


The main function of the program is to expand the critical limits on night flights and / or bad weather condition.


Today, aviation safety is a major concern. ELISA ( Electro Luminescent Intuitive Signal for Aeronautic ) protocol created a unique link between the airstrip, environment and pilot as no conventional air navigation system.


The secondary function is fundamental research in human-machine interface on the optimization of flight protocol supported by an artificial intelligence. A development sector sought by the US government and  Google.


Finally, the tertiary function is the creation of a global market positioning technology derived from the ELISA program in the civilian market, from patents and current inputs.

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A350 C17 lighting organ’s assembly process.

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